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Like a traveler without a capable guide, a business is lost without accurate, timely accounting information. Shayna Accounting CPAs PC promptly and precisely delivers this essential ingredient for success to closely-held corporations, small businesses, and individuals. With the extensive knowledge, absolute organization, and constant vigilance necessary to effectively manage financial affairs, we create financial statements from your raw data, and utilize our insight to serve each client's needs. Aiming squarely for YOUR satisfaction, Shayna offers the following services: :

Tax Planning and Return Preparation Services

Each client is our ongoing partner; we do our utmost to provide quality, up-to-date tax return preparation and advice. Staying abreast of current tax laws, we minimize your liabilities and maximize your future opportunities.

For an individual or a growing business, Shayna's staff delivers tax planning and preparation as scheduled.

Ken Shayna's Three-Phased System - keeping clients on course.

Phase One is the monthly and/or quarterly review of your financial statements BEFORE they reach your desk. CPAs Ken and Raplh scrutinize your report to determine any immediate changes you might need.

Phase Two comes in the autumn, when our CPAs meet with each client to carefully review business issues in detail so as to most effectively reduce tax liability. These tax-planning meetings give clients a few hours with experts to review financial matters and plan for the future. Remember: Autumn tax planning meetings prevent April surprises!

Phase Three takes place the following calendar year, when constantly-changing tax laws have been established and final financial statements are completed. This is when our tax experts roll up their sleeves and skillfully hammer out each client's federal, state and local returns.

Financial Statement Preparation

-- Monthly Bank Reconciliations

-- Financial Statements

-- Quickbooks Software Capabilities

For accurate and timely preparation of bank reconciliations and financial statements, our bookkeepers are second to none. These pros transform your raw data and bank statements into an understandable financial portrait that helps reveal your business' progress.

Your Financial Statement will have several supporting documents, highlighting financial specifics about your business. Documents include

-- Bank Reconciliations with any Required Adjustments to your Check Register

-- Detailed General Ledger and Transmittal Registers

-- Monthly Payroll Journals and Check Register

Quickbooks Capability

Keeping abreast of innovations in technology, Shayna Accounting provides the best software choices for clients who demand maximum accuracy and ease of use. In processing financial statements and tax returns, we deliver efficiency and precision you can count on.

Shayna Accounting's staff members are certified as Quickbooks Pro Advisors. Setting up and training clients on this accounting software affords a multitude of benefits. Besides the ability to cut checks and run payroll, clients can create and examine a precise view of their company's fiscal health with the click of a mouse, from the smallest detail to the grandest "big picture." In addition, Quickbooks facilitates the electronic transfer of your data, enabling us to accurately generate your monthly financials, and to make adjustments to your records in your computer from our office.

For the ultimate in concise, convenient accountancy, ask about a Shayna Accounting Services Cybersuite for your business.

Payroll Services

-- Comprehensive Payroll Checkwriting

-- Payroll Compliance Coupon Prep

-- Monthly SIMPLE Transmittals

Clients have two payroll options: We can prepare monthly, quarterly and annual Payroll Returns, sent back to you signature-ready (to keep you out of "payroll prison"); or, if you desire freedom from payroll drudgery, you may choose payroll checkwriting. Either way, our specialists efficiently and expertly prepare your payroll in timely fashion. Send us data by fax, email or phone; we'll take it from there.

Payroll Compliance is a complicated and time-consuming requirement of running a business. Let us help you with the calculations and paperwork. Our bookkeepers can prepare the following signature-ready coupons for you:

-- Monthly: 941 and SUW coupons, and SIMPLE Transmittals

-- Quarterly: 941, MESC Returns and 940 Coupons

-- Annual: W2's and W-3's; 1099's and 1096's

Estate Planning

Simply put, estate planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets accumulated during life. An estate is the total property owned, real and personal; real property is real estate and personal property includes everything else, e.g., cars, household items, bank accounts. An estate plan aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death.

Let Shayna Accounting guide you through the thorny thicket of Federal and state tax law to a verdant oasis of estate planning peace of mind.

Though the subject matter is stupefying for mere mortals, Shayna Accounting's experts can explain estate planning issues without putting you to sleep: probate and the many ways to avoid it, methods for eliminating or reducing death taxes, funeral planning and choosing someone to handle your affairs if you can't.

Investment Consulting

What are your goals? Whether you have a lot or a little to save, Shayna Accounting's close relationships with successful, highly-qualified firms gives you the chance to meet with experts in planning and investing for your future. Like us, they're dedicated to helping you establish and reach your investment and retirement objectives.

Clients marvel at the ease of setting up a SIMPLE plan for their staff through Shayna Accounting. After guiding you through the initial steps, our bookkeepers send the monthly withholding quarterly matching transmittals to the right place at the right time. Savings continue to grow without our clients worrying about the details.

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